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How are we different?

Personal Consultants and Headhunters work according to ‘quantity over class’. They’re paid per hire and often will send one good candidate to multiple companies in the hope that one sticks. They work externally and have little to no understanding of how your company works, team structure, culture or your goals.

We are here to change that.

Our fully-qualified and experienced superhero HR Specialists come armed with professional tools and years of experience to hire for multiple roles at the same time. They’ll integrate into your company during the interim period and immerse themselves with your companys values, procedures and we’ll get to know your hiring manager on a personal level.

Full Services

Unlimited Hires

When you hire us, you only pay for our term together, not per hire. This means we’ll use our superpowers for as many hires as your business needs. If you’re interested in how this works, we’ll gladly explain this with a quick call.

Candidate Exclusivity

Normally recruitment firms offer you an applicant, as well as offering it to everyone on their books. We work only for you – which means our candidates are only selected for your project and not offered to anyone else.

Commitment, not commission

We’re more interested in forming a partnership with our clients. Our model is designed to give you bespoke HR & Recruitment solutions, for a flat monthly fee. There won’t be any hidden costs or ‘commission fees’

Full HR solutions

Our Specialists can oversee entire HR solutions for you including; Onboarding, Training, Payroll systems, HR Systems, Compliance, Emigration & Visas Procedures, Panning & Strategy Solutions, International Projects, Daily Department Workflow & more

About Us

The new face of recruitment

We are Germanys dynamic HR and recruitment experts. With our bespoke strategies, we unleash the full potential of your workforce, offering end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs. From sourcing exceptional talent to crafting magnetic employer brands, we’re your trusted partners in rewriting the rules of recruitment and propelling your business to new heights.

Our team are multinational, multilingual legends, and we love each and everyone of them. We’ve even imported one Englishman from the UK but we were disappointed that he doesn’t speak like Harry Potter.

Whatever your situation, we’re here to help.

Maternity/Paternity Cover
Acquisitions & Mergers
Scaling Up
No Hiring Team or HR
New Location or Country
Revamp HR Systems

The Team

Our handpicked Heroes

Our success depends on the strength of our team. We’ve chosen Heroes with a variety of different backgrounds and superpowers to ensure we have the best assembled to work for you. If you have Hero qualities and would like to join our squad, drop us a line.


Senior HR Business Partner


Senior HR & TA Consultant


Senior HR Specialist


Star Recruitment Specialist


Full Team

Our Origin Story

Our Superhero Team has humble beginnings, started by Was & Marco in 2019

Wasilij & Marco have a decade of experience in the recruiting world on an international level. They’ve worked on multiple projects, across a series of industries, on projects both large and small.

Early on they had realised that the person was often overlooked by other recruitment companies who failed to realise the Hero qualities within them. These other companies would simply rush to place anyone as fast as possible. Marco and Wasilij knew this couldn’t continue, someone had to step up!

Thus they assembled some local heroes, knocked through some office walls, got a few whiteboards and BAM! Hero Consulting was born.

Some hero facts

Candidates Screened
Clients Served
Heroes Placed
Cute Office Dogs

Changing the face of Recruiting and HR, one project at a time

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