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All of our services are tried and tested and we have our years of experience behind every decision. Interim Recruitment is designed to give your company immediate expert resources, support, and skills on a temporary basis.

There are many scenarios in which you may need to call upon our Superhero team such as; Opening new company branches or divisions, maternity/paternity leave, sudden quitting of personnel, prolonged employee sickness, mergers/acquisitions etc.

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Human Resources Lead

We can lead and direct the routine functions of the HR department

  • Strategic sparring partners for higher management.
  • Disciplinary leadership for HR Teams
  • Steering of International HR Projects
  • Emigration & Visa application management
  • Oversee daily department workflow
  • Performance evaluations.
HR/Solution Partnering

Helping you envision, develop and enact a HR strategy that promotes growth and increases performance

  • Versatile support in day-to-day HR functions
  • Strategic control of HR Processes
  • Planning & Strategy Solutions
  • Staff development & Coaching
  • Active support in processing internal change
  • Collaboration with Executive Management
  • Employer Branding Solutions
Sourcing & Recruitment

Experienced end-to-end sourcing, screening and interviewing processes

  • Full management of talent acquisition process
  • Consulting on compensation & benefits trends in your industry
  • Building & executing in-depth screening procedures
  • Conducting telephone & personal interviews
  • Creating target group specific recruiting strategies
HR Systems & Payroll

We can help refine what you already have or implement and run a new system for you

  • Introduce, upgrade or replace HR Systems
  • Payroll processing
  • Time recording, work hours and holiday reports
  • Provide feedback data from HR reports
  • Maintain compliance with federal, state and local employment regulations

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